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3D Printing and DIY Electronics

Partnerships We’re super pleased to announce Pixil 3D is now working with Adafruit Industries to bring you awesome projects! Each week, we show you how to combine DIY electronics with 3D Printing to make amazing projects. Everything from LED Belt buckles to MIDI controllers. So make…


Pixels to Atoms

Hi, We’re Pixil 3D. A small 3d printing design studio in South Florida. We like making cool stuff. We’ve worked on some great projects over the years. 3D Printing allows us to make our designs, real. We like making things that make every day better. Other…


Designer Spotlight on Shapeways

Shapeways is an amazing marketplace platform for 3D Designers. We were thrived when Natalia, the community manager from Shapeways asked us for an interviewed and featured our shop! In the interview, we talk about our history, background and inspiration behind our work. It was really great…