3D Printing and DIY Electronics

December 27, 2013

3D Printing and DIY eletronics


We’re super pleased to announce Pixil 3D is now working with Adafruit Industries to bring you awesome projects! Each week, we show you how to combine DIY electronics with 3D Printing to make amazing projects. Everything from LED Belt buckles to MIDI controllers. So make sure to check out our videos and subscribe to Adafruits YouTube channel.

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Launching Slixtar

October 2, 2013

At Pixil 3D, our design studio in south Florida, we’re proud to launch our first open source instrument. The Slixtar is a 3D printed musical instrument. It’s a maker’s DIY midi controller that features a guitar synth form factor. Built on top of the arduino platform, the Slixtar can be customized to perform as a guitar that plays any instrument. The form factor feels natural and is a break away from the boxes with square buttons on a grid.
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Optimizing Typography for 3D Printing

September 2, 2013

Optimizing Text for 3D Printing

When it comes to FDM 3D printing text, it can be a bit difficult to 3D print text with thin strokes. Good rule of thumb when 3D Printing text is to use chuck, heavy weighed fonts. Here’s a good tip on how to optimize typography for 3D Printing.

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